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Pineapple Net Awarded Best Reseller by CommsDay

Pineapple Net, a Melbourne based broadband retailer, has been awarded the prestigious CommsDay Eddison Award for best Internet Reseller/Virtual Network Operator (VNO) in Australia.

"We judged Pineapple Net to be the best reseller or VNO because of the incredible product offerings it is bringing to residents in Melbourne: unparalleled value for money in terms of what essentially is a business-grade type of product for some of the most affordable tariffs in the country," said CommsDay founder Grahame Lynch.

Pineapple Net, an exclusive Retail Service Provider of the DGtek Fibre Network, has continued to bring its unmatched full-fibre broadband solution to more and more residents in Melbourne. It is the provider of choice for ultra-fast broadband to residents in hundreds of MDUs, including landmark buildings such as Eureka Tower, QV and Freshwater Place.

Pineapple Net's General Manager Ryan Forss said, "DGtek's next-generation Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) Network is a game-changer. Residents and Owners Corporations are tired of paying for expensive, slow and poor quality broadband delivered on outdated infrastructure. The response from residents switching to full-fibre Pineapple broadband has been overwhelmingly positive. Residents love the ultra-fast and symmetrical speeds delivered on DGtek's full-fibre network. Combined with our competitive prices and locally-based support team, it provides an unrivalled broadband experience."

DGtek Founder and CEO David Klizhov said, "Pineapple Net is a great example of how an innovative and challenger brand can gain market share from large incumbents when they have access to superior connectivity, capacity and speed, at a lower cost than NBN."
DGtek has rapidly expanded its network across inner Melbourne and parts of Queensland with its acquisition of FG Telecom's Network and Spirit Technology Solutions' residential customer base.

"Our network has grown significantly over the last few years and our plan is focused on expanding our full-fibre infrastructure in Melbourne and other cities and towns across Australia. We are very excited to work with Pineapple Net and our other RSP partners to bring the unrivalled broadband experience that only a full-fibre network can provide to more Australians.