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DGtek & Equinix Dark Fibre Deal

Equinix is the world’s leading provider of interconnectivity. 

Brands like NASDAQ, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Facebook, Nokia and Netflix connect to Equinix’s carrier-neutral data centres because they are hubs. Neutral venues of exchange for ISPs, carriers, financial companies, tech giants, and tier 1 networks. 

It’s the largest global peering solution for connecting to all the parts of the public internet, and the world's largest ecosystem of cloud partners for privately connecting to AWS, Azure, IBM, Google’s Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, etc. 

With multiple providers and carriers, all in one local data centre, enterprise benefits from high-throughput and millisecond or nanosecond latency. Then there are the benefits of economy of scale and companies save on egress and competitive forces drive down costs in Equinix data centres for enterprise services. 

DGtek is Providing Equinix with Dark Fibre to Transit Mission-Critical Traffic to/from and Between Enterprise Customers and Melbourne’s CBD. 

Equinix will depend on DGtek’s dark fibre for providing their enterprise clients with point-to-point dark fibre connectivity. 

When fibre is “dark” it means it’s inactive. Rather than delivering x-Mbps of capacity, as a service, we’ve leased out the ’raw’ unmanaged physical infrastructure directly to Equinix. 

Equinix will likely use DGtek’s dark fibre for direct cloud connectivity. A single dedicated circuit from the provider’s point of presence in the Equinix data centre all the way back to another DC or customer’s office, over our low latency, high throughput fibre infrastructure. 

Equinix and the end client have complete flexibility to configure circuits, transmission technologies, select their own end-devices and upgrade these devices, should a need arise, in the future. 

The added connectivity of DGtek fibre opens up a new high-speed expressway through DGtek coverage area. Equinix clients are taking advantage of our low latency, reliable fibre infrastructure to send high-priority traffic, between data centres and the digital assets or access points within them.