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Independent Full Fibre Network, DGtek, Acquires FG Telecom

DGtek, an independent provider of ultra fast, full fibre broadband services and the alternative to NBN, has acquired FG Telecom, a fibre network company serving business customers in and around Port Melbourne and the Melbourne CBD.

The acquisition of FG expands DGtek’s network coverage by over 25 per cent, providing services to clients who have been waiting for DGtek to roll out fibre in their area.

DGtek is rapidly expanding its footprint in and around central and south-east Melbourne, and is well placed to build its network throughout Melbourne and ultimately throughout large parts of the country, including select regional areas, with a target to reach 1 million homes by 2024.

The acquisition also positions DGtek as the only network providing comprehensive, triple geography redundancy and diverse paths to Port Melbourne’s major data centres, ensuring network stability and security against network dropouts in case of third party damage.

With its high density fibre infrastructure, DGtek is well placed to meet the increasing demand for wholesale dark and lit fibre services as well as offer direct connectivity between the core data centres in Port Melbourne.

DGtek founder and CEO David Klizhov said that FG Telecom shares the company’s vision of providing customer-focused, full fibre telecommunication services to Australian homes and businesses.

“As we grow our fibre network in Melbourne and throughout Australia, it is vital that we continue to provide a high quality service and ensure our network has the capacity to support Australia’s unrelenting demand for high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency FTTP services.”

FG Telecom CEO Dev Oza said the acquisition by DGtek was the logical move to enable growth and to better serve the company’s customers.

“The DGTek acquisition has helped us amalgamate with an organisation with a similar vision and values, and grown the FG network footprint threefold. Throughout our existence, we have resisted acquisitions by the larger players in order to stay true to our mission of providing Aussie businesses with a real alternative to the cookie-cutter service that the larger corporations provide.

“Over the years, FG Telecom has proudly served businesses in Port Melbourne. The combination means we can extend our high quality business services throughout Melbourne, capitalising on businesses returning to work that are eager for ultra high speed fibre services.”

DGtek’s business model has been further validated by the recent addition of former Chief Technology Officer at OptiComm, Stephen Davies, as a Non-Executive Director and senior advisor, whose extensive telecommunications carrier experience spans more than two decades, and who was behind the team that built the first fibre-to-the-home infrastructure in Australia in 2001.

“Being a developing business and competitor to NBN Co, my values align with DGtek’s to deliver true ultrafast broadband to Australians. I also believe I can bring a lot of experience and knowledge to DGtek and assist them to grow into a strong infrastructure competitor.”

With the enlarged footprint and strong pipeline of opportunities demanding better infrastructure, DGtek will continue to grow, offering existing and new partners an ever increasing footprint and opportunities to capitalise on a full fibre network.