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5 Factors to consider when choosing an Internet Service Provider

Moving apartments or sick of your current Internet provider? Choosing the right Internet provider can be a tricky decision with so much choice available. 

Next time you make the switch consider these 5 tips for choosing the best provider for your needs.

1. Network - The Network you connect to is the single most important decision you can make. Unlike service providers, only a handful of networks are available, and not all networks are available everywhere. If you are having problems with your connection, chances are you need to switch networks, not just service providers.

2. Type of connection - Most Network connections in metropolitan areas are ultimately connected to fibre. It's the journey from that fibre to your home that makes the difference. The further your Internet has to travel via copper cables or wifi, the more susceptible it is to interference. The best connection is full-fibre to the premises. 

3. Speed - Regardless of the speed you choose for your plan, you want to be sure you are getting the speed you are paying for. Many networks are overloaded, and evening speeds can be a real problem. Also, check what upload speed is available. Most plans will only offer 20-40mbps (or less), but some like DGtek offer equal upload speeds. 

4. Customer Support - This is the final straw for many customers and is why many people choose a different provider. Make sure your provider has a range of options for getting in touch and are responsive when you need them to be. 

5. Cost - How much you pay each month is essential for many households on a budget. Read the T&C's carefully around connection fees, introductory offers and modem/router charges. Some providers appear to offer lower prices or month to month plans. Still, you could be lumped with a hefty bill if disconnecting early or find yourself paying an additional $20-$30 a month once the introductory 6-12 month period ends. You also won't find a great deal of price variation among NBN providers so enquire with independent network providers to see if your building is connected or can be connected to their service since these networks are typically cheaper and faster