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Delivering the Fibre Broadband Australians Need
Australia has some of the world's slowest and most expensive internet access. DGtek is changing that! Our fibre network is steadily growing providing affordable, super fast Internet to every building we connect to.
The Internet is the essential service of our time. Just like water and electricity, it is something that should always work. DGtek offers super-fast, low latency, reliable fibre broadband internet and hassle-free connection. No "average peak speeds", less than contracted tier - we always deliver our promised speeds and performance.
Experience the DGtek Difference!
Leave average internet at the kerb
and enjoy a full-fibre internet service.
Faster Speeds
Life's too short for slow internet

With speeds of up to 1000Mbps, that means faster downloads, better quality video calls and higher resolution movie streaming - across multiple devices - at the same time. What are you waiting for?
Symmetric Bandwidth
Perfect for working from home

Unlike other networks, upload as fast as you download. Whether you're working in the cloud, backing up your phone or meeting online, eliminate dropouts, freezing or buffering - on your end!
Low Latency
Never miss a beat!

Do you watch or stream live videos or play online games? If it's happening now, then you need a low latency connection. Get a leg-up on your competitors with a 1ms ping. You can stop blaming lag and get good.
Are you ready to get connected?
DGtek's fibre network is constantly expanding. Click the link below to find out if your building is covered by our footprint.
The Need for Speed!!!
Actually, it isn't just about speed, let's do a quick speed test and we'll explain the results further down below. Connect your device via cable rather than WiFi as this will affect the results.
And the results are in...
How did your internet connection fair?
Most Australian households have a connection speed somewhere between 25-100Mbps. These speeds often go down depending on the time of day and amount of traffic.
DGtek can offer speeds up to 1000Mbps without the same level of congestion.
Ping or latency, measures the amount of time it takes for a server to respond to a request made by your device. This is especially important when gaming. The average for Australia is somewhere between 10-30 milliseconds.
DGtek will generally connect to Australian servers with a 1ms ping.
Almost all Australian carriers offer asynchronous bandwidth. So while you pay for a 100mbps connection you will be limited to 20-40Mbps upload.
DGtek offers synchronous bandwidth meaning you can upload as fast as you download.
Jitter measures the amount of variation in ping. If you are on a congested connection you will experience higher variation causing things like streaming and gaming to lag intermittently.
DGtek offers an extremely stable connection with almost no jitter
Our Retail Partners
If you are a resident or business interested in connecting to the DGtek Network please visit one of our trusted partners for plans and pricing
Where can I find a DGtek authorised retailers?
Follow the link and check the full list of DGtek authorised retailers
Will my speed vary during peak hours?
Absolutely not! DGtek can manage contention itself, preventing RSPs from over-contending the line which can cause performance degradation. This is the reason why DGtek's typical evening speeds are not lower than stated in the plans, unlike the NBN.
Can I get DGtek fibre in my home if I'm renting?
Yes. However, for your own protection, ensuring you aren’t breaching your tenancy terms, you can ask your landlord or property manager for written or verbal permission before you order fibre from a broadband provider. If you provide your landlord details to us, DGtek can assist you in obtaining your landlord's permission. Fibre broadband will also benefit your landlord as a direct fibre connection has been shown to increase property values.

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