DGtek Fibre Network
You've got questions, and we have answers.
How is DGtek different to the NBN?
NBN uses a mix of technologies (Fibre/Copper/Wireless). DGtek provides fibre optic cable directly to your apartment, house or business. Another key difference is that DGtek can manage contention preventing RSPs from over-contending the line which can cause performance degradation. This is the reason why DGtek typical evening speeds are not lower than stated in the plans.
Does DGtek replace or run symmetrically to the NBN?
DGtek operates fully independent fibre optic infrastructure. A DGtek fibre service will not impact any of your existing services.
What is Fibre?
Fibre refers to optical fibre, which is a flexible, transparent fibre made either with silica or plastic, to a diameter slightly thicker than that of a human hair.

Optical fibre has a variety of uses and in the context of telecommunications, is used to transmit data. It is largely superseding the traditional copper wire technology, because of several inherent properties:

• Optical fibre has a much greater bandwidth than wire. The amount of information that can be transmitted per unit time of fibre over other transmission media is its most significant advantage

• An optical fibre offers low power loss, which allows for longer transmission distances

• Optical fibre is immune to electromagnetic interference. It can also be run in electrically noisy environments without concern as electrical noise will not affect fibre

• Optical fibre is much thinner and lighter than metal wires and occupies less space than cables of the same information capacity. Lighter weight makes fibre easier to install

• Optical fibre does not radiate electromagnetic energy and thus, emissions cannot be intercepted.
Because physically tapping optical fibre takes great skill to do undetected, optical fibre is the most secure medium available for carrying sensitive data
• Optical fibre has greater tensile strength than copper or steel wires of the same diameter. It is flexible, bends easily and resists more corrosive elements than copper (such as water)

Because of the advantages highlighted above, optical fibre provides high speeds and data transmission. While there are often practical limitations to the speed and data transmitted under other technologies, optical fibre provides the most scalable form of data transmission. “Gigabit internet”, where data is transmitted at >1000Mbps is not uncommon with optical fibre, with the feasibility to scale this as required.
Owners Corporations
Why should my building upgrade to fibre?
There are multiple benefits of connecting building to the fibre optic network: High speed fibre optic connection increases the value of the property; Lessens the latency. This improves gaming experience, voice and video chats quality; Improves security. Essential benefits of fibre-based connectivity is that fibre cables are far less vulnerable to cyber attacks; And of course provides you with the highest possible internet speed. This allows you to work in the cloud as it is your hard drive, watch 4k video, connecting security cameras and other unlimited opportunities.
What is the cost to install a fibre backbone in my building?
Nothing! DGtek does not charge the owners corporation for a fibre internet installation. The charge may occur only for additional services, such as CCTV fibre connectivity, public WiFi, etc.
Will there be any downtime when switching to the DGtek network?
DGtek owns a fully independent fibre optic infrastructure. DGtek's fibre service will not impact any of your existing services.
Does DGtek connect new developments
DGtek works together with Developers, Architects and Service Engineers for Greenfield Broad-Acre estates as well as High-Rise MDUs.
What are DGtek’s core capabilities in new developments
DGtek’s pit & pipe and pathway designs are fully engineered to integrate with civil, structural and electrical requirements. A dedicated project manager will coordinate with other services contractors to ensure your development has access to Gigabit Internet speeds before residents move in.
Why should I choose DGtek for my new development?
Besides offering residents Symmetrical Gigabit speeds, DGtek is the one-stop shop managing each step from Design to Implementation and finally customer activation. DGtek also offers free WiFi in public spaces and options for Optical Fibre CCTV and Smart Device integration.
Fibre Broadband
Where can I find a DGtek authorised retailers?
Follow the link and check the full list of DGtek authorised retailers
Will my speed vary during peak hours?
Absolutely not! DGtek can manage contention itself, preventing RSPs from over-contending the line which can cause performance degradation. This is the reason why DGtek's typical evening speeds are not lower than stated in the plans, unlike the NBN.
Can I get DGtek fibre in my home if I'm renting?
Yes. However, for your own protection, ensuring you aren’t breaching your tenancy terms, you can ask your landlord or property manager for written or verbal permission before you order fibre from a broadband provider. If you provide your landlord details to us, DGtek can assist you in obtaining your landlord's permission. Fibre broadband will also benefit your landlord as a direct fibre connection has been shown to increase property values.