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Be part of something BIG
When we say we are building a network for tomorrow we mean it. We are uncompromising in our commitment to getting the job done and we are always looking for partners to come on the journey with us.
When we started out in 2014 we had a vision of a better internet for Australia. One without compromises, that was faster and more affordable. This isn't something we can do alone. Our partners are the ones who believe in this vision and are willing to do something about it. Our investors, suppliers, retail partners and customers are making this happen.

Together, we are building the fibre network Australia deserves
What our partners say about us
Who do we partner with?
We want to work with people and companies who share our vision of a full-fibre network for Australia.
  • Retail Service Providers
    We are always looking for engaged, proactive retail partners to help connect people to our network. We will support you to engage customers and grow together.
  • Investors
    DGtek is a growing quickly and part of that growth is generated through investors who believe in what we are building and our capacity to do it.
  • Managed Service Providers
    MSPs are trusted to provide their business and enterprise customers with the best solution. We want to work with the best MSPs to provide part of that solution.
  • Developers
    We want to work with developers who want to build connected, future-ready developments. We can offer a single point of contact for all your connectivity needs.
  • Owners Corporations
    We are working with OCs to provide a solution that benefits their residents and their building with fast, reliable and affordable internet and connectivity.
  • Data Centers
    We are building an open full-fibre network and laying diverse routes connecting DCs with their customers.
  • Suppliers
    To build the best network we need the best product and service, partners.
Why choose us?
DGtek are doing something big, and we are the best at what we do.
  • Highest Quality
    Our network has been designed from the ground up as a scalable, reliable and high performance global Internet Protocol (IP) network. We have developed a private IP backbone network, with multiple upstream and peering connections to ensure a highly available network service. The DGtek network doesn't rely on any one upstream or peering provider, thereby ensuring maximum performance and resiliency to customers’ broadband experience.
  • Open-access
    We believe in an open network that is accessible to all, we have a fixed pricing model for our retail partners.
  • Individual Approach
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Our Retail Partners
If you are a resident or business interested in connecting to the DGtek Network please visit one of our trusted partners for plans and pricing

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