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DGtek Fibre Network | Information for Owners Corporations
Future Proof Your Building
DGtek is more than just another telco wanting to connect to your building. We are not the NBN! We are working with Owners Corporations to help it's residents with more affordable, better internet connections, and enough fibre to service all your building's connectivity service needs into the future.
Is slow Internet always on the agenda at each committee meeting? Let internet complaints be a thing of the past. Our designers and installers will work together with your Owners' Corporation to deliver a tailored solution specifically for your property. We have worked with all types of buildings big and small, old and new, residential and commercial. Talk to us now to arrange a special deal and enjoy the highest quality internet, at the lowest costs.
Three Good Reasons
Trust us, we know how crowded your MDF is looking.
  • Choice for Residents
    High speed fibre broadband
    Zero congestion, low latency
    No more drop-outs
    Affordable Plans
  • Extra Connectivity
    Building Automation
  • Giving Back
    Additional Revenue Streams
    Internet in Common Areas
    Increased Property Value
    Community Events
Owners Corporations we've worked with
DGtek has worked with many owners corporations to deliver better internet for their residents and buildings.
The Connection Process
From Enquiry . . . To Connection
Someone has contacted us or one of our retail partners requesting connection to the DGtek Network.
Feasibility Study
Before accepting an enquiry we assess if it is within our existing footprint and can be connected.
Site Survey Request
We always try our best to include the Owners Corporation in every step of a building's connection process. This involves identifying the Owners Corporation Manager and requesting a sIte survey.
Land Access and Activity Notice
Sometimes it is necessary to issue a LAAN to assess a property, this is only necessary if our request for a site survey is not met.
Site Survey
Our experienced DGtek technicians will survey the buildings telecommunications Infrastructure and assess the best way to service residents and building.
We will submit a connection proposal based on our assessment of the property and its requirements.
Acceptance or Review
Hopefully we reach a resolution that works for your residents and building. If not, we will continue to work with the Owners Corporation till a resolution is reached.
Building Connected
Once accepted we will schedule a time to perform the installation. Depending on the size and scope of the project the installation process will take anywhere from a day to a month however generally there will be minimal impact upon residents
One cable Infinite possibilities

Connect all building services to our network.

Save space by utilising a single fibre backbone.

Save time by letting us do all the work.

  • CCTV
    Connect your CCTV switches with Optical Fibre to prevent any bandwidth restrictions commonly experienced with Copper cabling
  • Intercom & Access control
    Control who comes and goes with complete access control solutions powered by a fibre network
  • Freeview TV and Pay TV
    Connect to Foxtel, Free to air stations, and any other network.
  • Public WiFi
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success at all levels.
Installation Equipment
DGtek uses an innovative VertiCasa™ Backbone cable throughout the entire vertical length of the building, with optical splitters installed intermittently in the risers. This results in our equipment being compact and discrete compared to other carriers.
Case Studies

Every building has its own challenges

DGtek is here solve them.


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