DGtek Fibre Network
DGtek Pre Virtual Network Migration Information
The next step in your migration to the DGtek Network.

Background Information. Spirit - DGtek Migration.

On the 29th of October 2021, Spirit Telecom transferred ownership of their Residential Internet Service to DGtek. If this is the first you have seen regarding this transfer you can find out more about the acquisition and our plans for the future here. dgtek.net/spirit
Where are we up to?
Account Migration
On the 29th of October 2021, Spirit transferred your account information to DGtek/Pineapple Net. As part of this, we required customers to validate their account details and provide a preferred payment method. If you have not yet validated your account you can do so here. dgtek.net/account-validation.
Virtual Network Migration
Current step - We are migrating the virtual core network from Spirit to DGtek. Up until this point, your connection has still been managed by Spirit after this change your service will be managed by DGtek.
❎ Physical Network Migration
In the coming months we wil be connecting all former Spirit customers to our physical network. That means a full fibre connection to your building and a